ampullary crest

ampullary crest
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слуховой гребешок

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  • crest — 1. A ridge, especially a bony ridge. SEE ALSO: crista. 2. The ridge of the neck of a male animal, especially of a stallion or bull. 3. Feathers on the top of a bird s head, or fin rays on the top of a fish s head. SYN: crista [TA]. [L. crista] …   Medical dictionary

  • ampullar crest — ampullary crest crista ampullaris …   Medical dictionary

  • crista — SYN: crest. [L. crest] c. ampullaris [TA] SYN: ampullary crest. c. ampullaris (ductuum semicircularium) [TA] SYN: ampullary crest (of semicircular ducts). c. arcuata cartilaginis arytenoideae [TA] SYN: arcuate crest of arytenoid cartilage. c.… …   Medical dictionary

  • groove — A narrow, elongate depression or furrow on any surface. SEE ALSO: sulcus. alveolobuccal g. the upper and lower half of the buccal vestibule on each side. SYN: alveolobuccal sulcus, gingivobuccal g., gingivobuccal sulcus. alveololabial g. 1. the… …   Medical dictionary

  • cupula ampullaris — [TA] cupula of ampullary crest ampullary cupula: a cap of viscid, gelatinous fluid over the ampullary crest of the ear; in fixed material this cap stains slightly and is thus differentiated from the rest of the ampullar fluid. Called also c.… …   Medical dictionary

  • limb — 1. An extremity; a member; an arm or leg. SYN: member. 2. A segment of any jointed structure. SEE ALSO: leg, crus. [A.S. lim] ampullary membranous limbs of semicircular ducts [TA] the dilated ends of the three semicircular ducts, each of which… …   Medical dictionary

  • crista ampullaris — crista am·pul·lar·is .am p(y)ü lar əs n CRISTA (1) * * * [TA] ampullary crest: the most prominent part of a localized thickening of the membrane that lines the ampullae of the semicircular ducts, covered with neuroepithelium containing endings of …   Medical dictionary

  • cupula — A cup shaped or domelike structure. SYN: cupola. [L. dim. of cupa, a tub] ampullary c. SYN: c. ampullaris. c. ampullaris [TA] a gelatinous mass that overlies the hair cells of the ampullary crests of the semicircular ducts; movement of… …   Medical dictionary

  • neuroepithelium — Epithelial cells specialized for the reception of external stimuli. Most neuroepithelial cells, notably the hair cells of the inner ear and the receptor cells of the taste buds, are not true neurons but transducer cells that stand in synaptic… …   Medical dictionary

  • neuroepithelium cristae ampullaris — neuroepithelium of ampullary crest: the specialized epithelium of the ampullary crest of the labyrinth, containing vestibular hair cells that project into the cupula and serve as sensory receptors …   Medical dictionary

  • nervus ampullaris anterior — [TA] anterior ampullary nerve: the branch of the vestibular nerve that innervates the ampulla of the anterior semicircular duct, ending around the hair cells of the ampullary crest …   Medical dictionary

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